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This is for emphasis, bitch.
Favourite genre of music: I hate the bands you like
  • Playing: MASS EFFECT
...I'm always the last one to jump on the band wagon.

I must have gotten Mass Effect when it first came out. I had read about it in a magazine (prob EGM or OXM) and it seemed pretty cool so i asked for it for my birthday or christmas and my grandparents got it for me.

I played it probably twice and was frustrated. I hadn't really played to many RPGs at that time and that was my first attempt at a shooting RPG.

I sucked Krogan balls, fo realz. So I put it aside and didn't pick it up for years.

Now, in that time I discovered the joys of Bioshock, which utilizes some RPG elements, and then Fallout which is straight up dope yo...or rather, it's an fps rpg. I tell you, I played the shit out of those games.

So now, with both Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas under my belt and a bit of time before I can borrow LA Noire from a friend, I decided to retry Mass Effect.

I am loving it! And hating myself for neglecting it until now! I have a long way to go before ME 3 comes out to get caught up.

In the meantime, I'll be saving the galaxy from Saren, romancing Kaidon, hugging Wrex and leveling up!

Borrowed L.A. Noire last Friday, finished it three days ago. It was so much like a film noir I was salivating. Beautiful.

And I became reeeaaaalllly attached to Cole :heart:



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VolkVodka Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017
Haha, I agree with you. However, you forgot some other people too: HodariNundu, TheRealKyuubi16, TheRisenChaos and X-Lord-X. I hope all of these shiteaters get raped AND killed along with their families, while their homes are burning. Thank you my good sir for hating these faggots. :)
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Just decided to say hello.
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Thanks for the fav! I'm happy you like my pangolin plush. :D
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Thank you very much for the watch! :heart:
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Artists-Soul Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2009

I found a movie that we NEED to see
It's called Severence
Here is the Descrpition, Its a comedy/horror like Shaun..
"A team-building weekend in the mountains of Eastern Europe goes horribly wrong for the sales division of the multi-national weapons company Palisade Defence when they become the victims of a group of crazed killers who will stop at nothing to see them dead"
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